The advanced dental treatments and solutions, such as implants, completely safe teeth whitening and many other cosmetic procedures, are now available to everyone. Polish dentists working at Dentim Europe clinic, guarantee the highest quality of their work with the use of the most advanced methods and the best equipment.

Dentim Europe

Baildona 12/3, 40-115 Katowice, śląskie
32 206 88 00
Led light boxes - London

Invest in even more effective outdoor advertising solution and effectively reach much larger number of consumers. WARMAX offers LED light boxes made from aluminium, which guarantees they are very solid, resistant to weather conditions and elegant. Their front can be made from vinyl or dibond to achieve even better marketing effect.

Leather upholstery - Carlex Design ™

Standard vehicle interior designs, prepared by even the most luxurious manufacturers (such as Ferrari or Porsche) is rarely satisfying for the most demanding customers. Carlex specialises in car design and offers the most amazing leather upholstery for every make and model. From sports vehicles, through trucks and city versions - choose your style.

Carlex Design ™

Bolesława Prusa 10, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała, Silesian Voivodeship
33 811 95 02
New build houses - U-Value House Builder

Modern cavity wall construction technology combined with experience and professionalism of U-Value company is at your disposal. New build houses as well as home extensions and renovation works are conducted quickly, comprehensively and with respect to quality of modern technology. Choose energy efficiency and reliability!

Magnusson - Law Firm Russia

Visit the website of legal company, which has offices in all of the countries of so called Baltic Sea Region (BSR). The law firm operates, e.g. in Russia, where their lawyers help diverse range of clients, including businesses of different sizes. Check the range of legal help they provide and contact them.


Bielańska 12, 00-085 Warszawa, Mazowieckie
22 257 83 00
Reconditioned turbos

Turbocharger repairs require great skills, vast knowledge, experience and the use of only the highest quality parts. Such combination ensures, that the reconditioned part will serve long and without failure. To be sure that turbocharger repairs are conducted professionally - choose Reman-Tec Ltd company offer.

Reman-Tec Ltd

5 London Road, SW17 9JR London, Greater London
74 484 72 512
Design a phone case

Need a custom-made, original protection for your smartphone? Visit the website and get one-of-a-kind, durable solution - design a phone case with the picture of your choice. You can also use one of the available templates and create a perfect gift for your friends and family. It is very simple and affordable!

Coach hire Krakow

Make your stay in Krakow as comfortable as it can be and do not worry about transportation. Contact KahanTour coach hire company and choose their attractive prices and flexibility of the offer. Naturally, the modern fleet of buses provides the necessary comfort during shorter local tours or much longer international trips.


Leśna 43, 32-100 Proszowice, małopolskie
88 822 05 61
Fishing Tromso

The biggest haddock in your life is out there, waiting to be caught by you during a real sea adventure. Charter Lady Elsie and book 4,6, 8 hours or longer cruise to go fishing in perfect conditions of northern waters. Check the website to see the details of the offer and watch the gallery of previous catches!

Tromso Angling & Whale Watching Adventures

Sjøtunvegen 481, 9108 Kvaløya, Troms
+4 747 89 5864
bathroom furniture with gloss

Check the prices and wide choice, prepared by the shop offering great sideboards, TV cabinets, wardrobes and other elements online. MEX prepared, for instance, a choice of high gloss bathroom furniture, perfect for contemporary interiors. Visit the website and comfortably choose the style for your home. - Salon reception desk

Contemporary style, fantastic ideas in terms of functionality and skilful use of light are three characteristic features of office furniture, manufactured by MDD. The offer of salon reception desks is created by creative designers from around the world, who aim at developing unique and truly amazing elements for your front office.

Cigarette filter tubes

TabPol, Hawana Tabacco and Del-Vis company are known manufacturers of a variety of products for tobacco industry. Currently, the offer includes, for instance cigarette filter tubes, papers, machine for their production, as well as different kinds of tobacco. The offer is chosen by European customers because of quality combined with low prices.

DEL-VIS Sp. z o.o.

ul. Ogrodowa 5, 87-162 Lubicz, woj. Kuyavian-Pomeranian
56 678 21 42
S. i A. Pietrucha - construction of flood ramparts

PVS sheet piles are one of the best solutions, manufactured by Pietrucha company, chosen by the most demanding construction experts. They allow to form retaining wall systems, characterized by solidity and high aesthetics. What is more, their installation is very simple and fast, thus minimizes the cost of works.


ul. Szkolna 29, 95-054 Ksawerów, woj. łódzkie
42 212 84 84
Cushman & Wakefield Poland Sp. z o.o.

Over almost a century of Cushman & Wakefield existence, it has effectively helped numerous companies of different sizes. This global real estate expert has partnered with small-to-medium-size companies, multinational corporations, a variety of government institutions and other entities. Find your warehouse with our help!

Cushman & Wakefield Poland Sp. z o.o.

ul. Pl. Piłsudskiego 1, 00-078 Warszawa, woj. Mazowieckie
22 820 20 20
Blow mold

Modern technology allows to manufacture a vast number of plastic, PET bottles per hour. SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH is a company specializing in developing the blow mold technology and producing reliable and very solid machines implementing it on a daily basis. See the website to find out more about the process!

Black Link HD5 - Wireless HDMI sender of audio and video

The range of application of CDS-5HD TV, a wireless HDMI sender, includes for example large screens and projectors, recording studios, preview on mobile monitors or in the master control room and several others. Main characteristics of this high definition video links are high quality of image (1080p, 720p) and implementation of modern OFDM modulation.


Ogrodowa 2a, 86-050 Solec Kujawski, Kujawsko-Pomorskie
52 387 10 97
Novol - Synthetic floor

Vast range of possible application of NOVOFLOOR surfaces is achieved thanks to implementation of innovative materials and technological solutions during the production process. Visit the website to find out more about NOVOL company's synthetic floor used by schools, sport facilities as well as industrial buildings.

NOVOL Sp. z o.o.

ul. Żabikowska 7/9, 62-052 Komorniki, woj. wielkopolskie
61 810 98 00

Quality components, numerous accessories, clothing, helmets and virtually everything else every cyclist must have or want to have. MCSPORT is an online store, which specializes in distribution of modern equipment for bicycles, manufactured by leading companies and available at great prices. See for yourself.

Bedding Sets - Crib Bedding

When it comes to accessories for infants and smaller children, their safety is of the most importance. At the same time they should guarantee them the highest comfort during their sleep, as well as make it easier for parents to take care of their child. Baby cot & bedding sets available in our online store combine all of these features.

Baby Accessories UK

Poznańska 82, 76-200 Słupsk, pomorskie
88 932 09 05
Dental implants Poland

To provide the highest quality services, experts from INDEXMEDICA clinic from Poland, use innovative technological solutions. Computer assisted treatment allows to perfectly adjust the procedure to every patient. Thus, the dental implants are always meeting your highest expectations when it comes to comfort and safety.


Czapińskiego 2, 30-048 Kraków, Lesser Poland
12 631 11 33
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